Top 5 Exquisite Homes in Dubai that are worth the Dirhams

The city of Dreams and the land of opportunity, the writers and the artists have beautifully described Dubai as the Oasis that turned out to be a global attraction. Truly, Dubai is a mesmerizing place to visit, and more mesmerizing to experience if you are living here. And of course, some of you may be living here and wondering how did this city make a buzz on the face of the planet?

The answer lies in the blooming business and real estate market. Dubai attracts citizens from across the globe, and their contribution has given us some of the finest residential spaces in Dubai.  And when we have the finest homes here, then of course they have been customised and built to match the likes of their owners. Also, several professionals working in interior design company in Dubai have worked to create these masterpieces. So, let’s look at their work here.

1. Villas in Emirates Hills

There are very few properties in Dubai that have a landscaped garden that exudes grandeur beyond the daze and dazzle of Dubai. One such property that has the rightful combination of glam and peace are the Villas located in the Emirates Hills. The villa here has 8 bedrooms, each designed uniquely to match the rustic style of Europe such that the entire property exudes the brilliance of her Majesty’s fine choice. And inside the villa is an indoor swimming pool, spa, and a fountain with artistic appeal that reminisces the European style. What’s more? The designers have been smart enough to integrate a retracting cinema screen, bar, and multiple pieces to add to the beauty of this property.

 2. Dubai Hills

The Villas here are all about the contemporary style prevalent in the mainland of Dubai. Though not exactly modern, they still resemble the aura and charm of the Mohammed Bin Rashid City. The villas here are styled as per the Mediterranean architecture. They give a peek into the glazing downtown views of Dubai while the interiors use lot of wood and raw designs to preserve the Mediterranean style. Yet you will find these villas equipped with latest gadgets and amenities.

3. XXII Carat Club Villas

Speaking of the classic style, no other property in Dubai confidently exudes it than the XXII Carat Club villas. Yes, surrounded by the stunning views of Palm Jumeirah, these villas have perfectly blended the interiors to match the rustic style of Dubai, while incorporating the modern features. Equipped with all facilities, you can live here with all the comforts while you are pleased by the aesthetics of the classic style.

4. P-Sector in Emirates Hills

Speaking of opulence, a rich man is incomplete without the liking for Golf. Now what if you had the views of sprawling golf courses right from the comfort of your villas? Yes, this is possible at the P-Sector in Emirates Hills. This place is styled on the modern look but gains its value with its placement near the extensive Dubai’s golf courses. While the villas are equipped with top features such as indoor gymnasium, bars, and relaxation areas, it is the charm that surrounds them, which attracts eyes of real estate enthusiasts in Dubai. Filled with designer interiors, living here is more than just being comfortable.

5. Frond M

Again, in the heart of the Palm Jumeirah lies this beautiful property where interior designers have wasted a lot of creative talent to create some of the finest views. This is a gorgeous villa that boasts of the proud views of the Jumeirah crescent. While equipped with an access to private beach, this property boasts of signature style that is worth the accolades.

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