Latest trends and fashions of interior design Dubai

Enjoy the refined designs made just for you, according to your requirements, surpassing elegance to perfection. Get all your needs of architectural and/ or designing plans fulfilled and taken care of at CK Architecture.

We offer our clients with designs from the best Architects in DubaiAmong the variety of projects that CK Architecture has undertaken, the major work is in commercial space designing for corporate offices, hotel rooms & lobbies, themed restaurants, spas and many such other places. Our clients have always been satisfied with our services and to keep their efforts to the minimum, we also undertake construction for aforementioned commercial spaces for clients looking for design and build approach.

Our team strives for customer satisfaction

Our team of professional designers and architects have produced some of the most intricate yet modest Interior Designs in DubaiOur team is very experienced and always puts the client’s need first. Our open and clear communication policy, not only in-house but also with the clients, has always resulted in complete satisfaction of the client’s needs.

Bringing to you an archetypal design process

We understand how important designing the space you have is to you; it is your space after all. It is very crucial to be in an environment that can not only keep you calm but also active. Our team of experts always take clients needs, concern and reviews with gravity. After gathering the clients initial requirements and the forecast for the space to be designed; the CK Architecture team reassesses the requirements and presents to the clients an abstract presentation of the idea with the market study for the feasibility and designing challenges in the contemporary market. The team also puts forward their ideas, alternatives and cost analysis to the client. This helps the clients make a well informed decision and choose the best course of action.

Clients before all

At CK Architecture, our clients always come first. Our team puts forward their plans to the client for review. Any and all of the clients review are taken into supreme consideration. And once the blueprints are agreed upon, CK Architecture assists their clients by being either the construction lead for the design and/ or build and/ or supervise; all in coherence to the clients’ requirement and structure. Lets us help you get to Dubai’s design map, and in the process grow your enterprise and augment personally as well.

Among the services offered at CK Architecture, to list out a few:

  • Interior design consultancy
  • Programming and space planning
  • Construction documents
  • Customised joinery work
  • MEP services (Mechanical, Electrical, and/ or Plumbing)
  • Detailing and Finishing

With CK Architecture, the leading Interior Design Companies in Dubaiyou will never have to think about any of your architectural and designing concerns again.

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