Five Things to Notice in A Good Architect

Home is where the heart lives, and no one makes it better than an architect. Yes, this professional is responsible for both the technical and aesthetic aspect of your house, and works in co-ordination with several other professionals to make a place you call Home.

A successful architect is liked by many, and a preferred choice for designing and building new homes. However, success just doesn’t come with the qualifications itself. In fact, a lot of experience and competitive edge makes you stand apart from the rest.

So before you go head-hunting for a good architect for your home or any other real-estate projects, here are five traits to observe in a good architect in Dubai.

1.      Easy Going

Being stiff does not make you professional. You can still maintain the professionalism by being dynamic and easy-going. Architecture is a field where design makes the call for budget, and at times, it may overshoot the expectations. Approaching the design with an unfazed attitude, without being stressed by limited budgets or other factors, does contribute a lot in making you an easy going and versatile architect.

2.      Passionate

Be it an artist or an architect, their works speak creativity. And creativity is best seen when the concerned person is passionate to show their work. The architect should have an ambition to succeed and a desire to excel, irrespective of the work pressure. This eagerness and enthusiasm will surely pass into his work, thereby giving you good results in a short span of time with high standards. That’s the power of passion to see.

3.      Adaptable

There are designers and then there are designers. Here we are talking about those who can adapt to the situation, without being adamant on a particular design during times of adversities. Change is imminent in every field, and plans and budgets are expected to change with time. A good architect is immune to such changes, and quickly adapts to it by overcoming project constraints competitively, without affecting the quality of work.

4.      Confident

What is the use of hiring an architect that is feeble and uncertain about his own work? You don’t need a person who just listens to you, instead you need a person who questions your approach and takes the lead by showing his skill. You need to hire an architect who is confident about his approach and decisions, and will present you a better solution, rather than just leaving things where you are. In other words, his confidence about his work should raise your standards to accept designs.

5.      Team-player

No trait is useful if your architect is not a team player. Yes, you need a person who is friendly and jovial, and knows the art of working in teams. You need a creative soul that connects with the rest, and together makes the work best. If you can’t find a good team player, no matter how creative or passionate the person is, the project will certainly face hurdles in implementation.

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